Quadcopter Lands on Moving Car on Purpose

Quadcopters may have a longer range sooner than you thought. With a little help from a friend, that is. A moving car (or other vehicle) could extend a delivery drone’s range by many miles.

Of course, you can argue that it’s hardly the drone doing all the work then. But the possibilities increase significantly when you combine these two technologies.

Check out the video that shows a quadcopter landing on a car traveling up to 50km per hour (about 30 mph).

Alexandre Borowczyk and friends at Mobile Robotics and Autonomous Systems Laboratory in Montreal are pioneering this drone/car setup.

Substitute the car with an appropriately-designed delivery truck, and the duo might never have to make a significant stop while making the rounds all day.

You can check out more details of this project here at MIT Technology Review.

Black Friday Specials at DJI

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UPS Tests Drones for Emergency Supply Delivery

Yesterday Fortune reported that The United Parcel Service (what most people refer to as “the UPS man”) has successfully tested delivery of an asthma inhaler to Children’s Island off the coast of Massachusetts.

DHL drone delivery
DHL drone makes a delivery. (Sorry, UPS.)

UPS is also testing in-house use of drones to help with inventory tracking, much like Amazon is.

What I find to be the most interesting and clever part of the Fortune story, though, is the name of the drone startup company that UPS is working with – CyPhy Works.

Nifty name, right?

Getting a Quadcopter Wet on Purpose: Underwater Drones

In recent months and years, some quadcopter / drone developers have been experimenting in a complete different realm. Instead of flying through the skies, they are “flying” under the water. Underwater drones are the latest and possibly greatest type of machine to hit the quadcopter scene.

Whether underwater quadcopters turn out to be a great development remains to be seen. The potential is there. We’ll see if the concept catches on or not.

Here is a quick look at three prototypes (as of this writing) that could become very popular in the near future. Read more

A High End RC Transmitter for Your Quadcopter

Note: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

Face the facts. If you want the best quadcopter RC transmitter available, it’s going to cost you some money.

I’m going to describe a few of the more important features to check out in an RC transmitter and then show you just 3 of them to consider in particular.

No offense, Wallet Drone, but yours isn’t one of them.

Wallet drone
Wallet drones and transmitters

Read more

FAA Sets New Guidelines: Who Will Read Them?

By now you’ve heard or read that the FAA came out with its “much-anticipated” set of guidelines regarding proper drone usage in the United States. Everyone seems to be making sure you know that the document is over 600 pages long.

FAA seal
FAA seal

Are you going to read all that material? Of course not.

A few people will, and they, in turn, will tell us the important points we really need to know.

One of the points you probably already know is that the whole thing only applies to you if you fly a drone (quadcopter or other similar aircraft) that weighs over 55 pounds.

Personally, I only own two micro quads (Wallet Drones) that I can barely feel while holding one in the palm of my hand.

So I won’t be reading the official document, nor will I probably even wait for the summary that those few studious people will provide.

Don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying this document is unimportant. It’s just that it’s not going to apply to everyone. And for those of us to whom it doesn’t apply, we (okay, I) couldn’t care less.

If someday I acquire one of the big boy drones, I’ll look up the details to see what I can and can’t do. By the time that day comes, the official rules will probably have changed several times over anyway.

Anyone else in the same boat quadcopter as me?